$MAGO: The Only Investor-Oriented Token!

We work to ensure that investors make the best decisions before investing.

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Our purpose is to help you find nuggets in this ``Wild West``.


Investing in cryptocurrency is a very high risk because of the scammers of the Blockchain. Magot comes to revolutionize this environment!


Our app will allow you to find cryptos that are trending or about to explode with precise metrics.


You will be able to use it on mobile or tablet 7/7 and 24/24h everywhere in the world.


Our ambition is to develop a community of informed and above all satisfied investors.

for everyone !

An exciting project for crypto enthusiasts to make $Mago your Money!

Indeed, by holding $Mago, you get 4% rewards in $Mago. Your bag is growing by the day. And if you have enough $Mago, you can use our application for free.


More than just a Token

A collection of utility NFTs will be created soon to accompany holders in making the best choices and selecting the best nuggets.
This VIP club will aim to enrich, help and meet each other through seminars around the world.

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Our Plans

Magot will evolve according to its users and investors. We will keep you informed daily on Telegram and Twitter.

Our Partners




Mathieu Krypto

CEO & Project Manager

Hiroshi Crypto

Advisor & Marketing




A list of questions and answers that you may find useful before investing!

What is $Mago token?

The $Mago Token is the governance token of the Magot ecosystem. It is deployed on the BNB Smart Chain. It allows you to use the platform to unearth crypto nuggets when it is deployed.

What is the Tokenomics of the $Mago token?

For each transaction, the Tokenomics is allocated as follows: - 2% for the liquidity pool - 6% for marketing - 4% for rewards (holders)

How can I buy $Mago?

You can buy $Mago directly on Pancakeswap with your Metamask wallet or Poocoin.

How many $Mago tokens do I need to hold to use your application?

To take advantage of our crypto nugget finder, you need to hold 1 billion $Mago tokens. We want to give exclusivity to the first ones who trusted us.

When will the platform be deployed?

Our goal is to deploy the platform in September 2022. Depending on the evolution of the project, we will keep you informed of our tests, models... And if everything goes well, it is possible that the platform will be released well before the planned date.

How much should I invest?

Cryptocurrency contains high risks. We are not financial advisors so only invest the money you are willing to lose.




Stay Tuned !



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